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Hi there!

I was born in Valencia at the very end of the seventies. Since I was a teenager I took interest in three fields: computers, English and biology.

As getting a career in biology was very difficult in time, and even today is still being hard to success in that discipline, I decided to leave biology as a hobby and focus on the other two fields that I was very keen on, such as English and computers. In conclusion, Computer Science would be my degree and improving my English my personal and permanent goal.

Said so, the main idea was to combine my college studies with the improvement of my English so I started my degree in Spain and I ended in Sweden, working for a swedish company while I was writing my thesis work. Furthermore, I spent a summer in Ireland within an intensive English course and I got an official B1 certification from the Escuela Oficial de Idiomas.

And what was next? I was lucky, very lucky, I worked for several companies in Valencia and London, using my English almost every day at work and at home, watching TV series and films in its original version and getting in touch with all the foreign friends I got during these years.

About my personal life, just a few words to say I’m happily engaged, I love swimming, travelling and hanging out with my friends :)

Best of luck!

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